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New Assemblage Series: Ribband of Blue

This newest series of Assemblages is inspired by the resiliency of the Jewish people to survive thousands of years of persecution, at times seemingly hanging on “by a thread”. That notion inspired me to create a series of abstracted images representing the trials and pain as well as the triumph and hope for the survival and prosperity of my people. From the tragedy in my own family, losing so many and so much to the Holocaust, to my hope of making Aliyah, this series is both personal and universal in its dream of a more perfect world, where Jews can live free from fear of hatred and oppression.

I used scripture as my inspiration, citing Numbers, 15:38, “Speak unto the children of Israel, and bid them that they make them fringes in the borders of their garments throughout their generations, and that they put upon the fringe of the borders a ribband of blue”. I wanted the work to maintain a single thematic idea regardless of the particular subject matter. I also wanted the element of Hebrew writing embedded in all the work, but not wanting to tear out or copy passages from scripture itself, I have used newspaper text as a random visual element to evoke biblical writing. Some works represent the persecution, while others represent the hope. I have tried to create some sense of balance regardless of the subject as the blue thread weaves though each work.

Blue Sabina

Blue Series: Sabina      Mixed Media     8″ x 10″

Blue Tears to Triumph

Blue Series: Tears to Triumph    Mixed Media     8″ x 10″

Blue Double Persecution

Blue Series: Double Persecution    Mixed Media   8″ x 10″

Blue Eden

Blue Series: Eden Restored    Mixed Media   8″ x 10″

Blue Strength of Zion

Blue Series: Strength of Zion    Mixed Media    8″ x 10″

Blue Kinneret

Blue Series: Lake Kinneret    Mixed Media   8″ x 10″

Blue Jerusalem of Gold

Blue Series: Jerusalem of Gold   Mixed Media   8″ x 10″


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