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Arrangement in Gray, Red & Yellow
18″ x 36″ Oil on Canvas

I’ve been too busy to write of late, but I have to tell you about John Logan’s play “RED” which explores the Seagram commission and imagines the psychology and motivation of art making.  I was lucky enough to catch a terrific Equity production at the Asolo @ the Ringling Museum in Florida back in April.

In that intimate Renaissance theater, I felt like Rothko’s neighbor eavesdropping on his conversations with his assistant. As a painter, I was moved by Logan’s writing and his understanding of the struggle between making the work you want and the desire to be recognized and commisioned to create work for someone/something else.

I got myself a copy of the script so I could read it without distraction. You should try to see or read it as well! The tirade regarding the word “fine” is worth the price of admission alone! I was particularly touched by the dedication to Sondheim as my immediate response to the play was that it reminded me so much of “Sunday in the Park with George” and the sentiment expressed throught the musical regarding the process of making and selling art.

As my opening nears (July 7th from 5-7) @ the Brewster Ladies Library, my hope is that I indeed “give you something new” …”something more to see”.  The painting above is another example of the newest work I am doing which combines my love of assemblage with my passion for landscape. “Arrangement in Gray, Red and Yellow” was inspired by a small assemblage in my sketchbook and owes its origins to both Whistler and Rothko.



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